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Crazies In Elementary School: Share Your Stories
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okay, a few things.

first of all, welcome. this is a community to share all your various stories about the classmates you had in elementary school. particularly, the crazy, weird, insane ones. you know the kind i'm talking about. the ones who smelled like bactine, had unkempt hair, sticky fingers, a twitchy eye and a knack for stabbing themselves in the neck with pencils. the ones who always managed to do something incredibly bizzare, be it for attention or because they honestly didn't know any better.

there aren't really any rules to posting your stories. just make sure you try to make it as interesting and descriptive as possible. the funnier the better.

i would also warn against talking about the kid in class who pooped his pants all the time. while it is admitedly very, very funny, the odds are good that just about everyone had a kid like that for a classmate. hell, you may have even been one of them. but unless the kid crapped his pants and then did something like a back flip in order to play it off by looking like an awesome black belt ninja and then flung feces all across the room, than it's really not necessary to talk about. we'll just go ahead and assume that everyone had a kid in their class who urinated on themselves at an hourly rate.

oh, but if he cried after he defecated upon himself, than that rule is completely null and void

crying kids with wet, poopy pants are always funny, you see

it should also be noted that it doesn't necessarily have to be a story from your elementary school days. from my experiences, those are where all the really strange stories come from. but i guess a lot of kids never grow out of their weird phases that they went through in elementary school and remain mind-boggling crazy for eternity.