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11:40am 10/08/2005
the adventures of spencer and andrew 
04:41pm 03/07/2005
  i guess i should probably start things off, yeah?

so anyway, i remember there being a kid in my first grade class named spencer. spencer liked to pretend (perhaps he even really thought) that he was the swamp thing. you know, this guy, from the movies. in order to become who he imagined he really was, spencer would always sneak a pair of scissor into his pocket and during recess, he would cut holes in his shirt on days when the ground was damp. he would then proceed to roll around in the moist grass in order to get the swamp thing look down as well as possible. as soon as he was finished, he would run around and terrorize us with his menacing, swamp thing like growl.

he did this every day when the ground was moist. you think the teachers would have learned to check his pockets every day after it rained. his parents must have spent a fortune on clothing. and the thing was, he didn't wear cheap clothes either. he wore the preppy, expensive, tommy hilfiger caliber stuff.

i also remember a kid named andrew who collected and carried around a huge ziploc bag full of crayons. one day, i was coloring a desert landscape with a goldenrod yellow (now, the specific name of the crayon is very important for the story) when andrew approached me with a look of complete disbelief on his chubby little face. he started questioning me in awe about if i was, indeed, coloring my desert landscape with a real life, goldenrod yellow crayola crayon. i told him that i was and to my surprise, he became all a twitter with joy and offered to trade me for one of his many crayons sitting in that massive ziploc of his. i said i would and he told me that he would trade me one of his many red-orange crayolas for it. i said sure because andrew really was an annoying kid and i wanted him to go away.

apparently, i was a fool for trading my goldenrod yellow for such an inferior color. i know this, because andrew got in my face, laughed menacingly and uncontrollably, then proceeded to tell me just how stupid i was for doing so. for nearly five minutes. obviously, he didn't notice that i wasn't the one obsessing over a stupid crayon.
the layout/design is finished and we are ready to school house rock it 
04:39pm 03/07/2005

for all who sail thru her